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Our Story

Built for a Purpose

Slumber Sleepwear Co  is a family run small business committed to bringing practical clothing for children and young adults with disabilities. We know how hard it is to get clothing for our Autistic son that suites his needs while still looking ad feeling good. There was nothing on the market that would tailor to his Sensory needs and that would also give some form of protection against him getting naked at every opportunity. That's why we decided to design our own!

We have been working with one of the biggest Pyjama/Nightwear companies who make garments for massive brands like Next, Tesco, George. This ensures that the garments we bring to market are safe passing quality and vigorous wash tests and still meet the highest of quality whilst also being affordable.

Our Goals

Designed to be Practical

From the start we design our garments to solve problems that normal clothing can cause.

Look Good

Just because its for a person with disability does not mean it has to be bland, all our designs are our own and we aim to bring some colour and character to each and everyone!

Fun to Wear

We design them so they want to be worn, so far we are having amazing feedback on kids who normally don't like clothes, they are actively wanting to wear our products! 


We will keep our Products as cheap as possible, just because its primarily for the disabled community does not mean it has to be expensive!

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